To inspire, and create space for, men to access their own potential through the bond of brotherhood where no man feels alone.

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To inspire, and create space for, men to access their own potential through the bond of brotherhood where no man feels alone.

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What is an 'Effortless Alpha'?

In a society where it’s generally accepted that men are expected to be brutally competitive, domineering, and perpetually stoic, The Effortless Alphas give them a haven to collaborate and grow in a challenging yet supportive environment.

The brotherhood of The Effortless Alphas is strong, deep-rooted, and, for many men, last a lifetime.

The Effortless Alpha is not about taking away manliness, it’s about expanding on all the things that make men great!

When men get together in a unified headspace, with friendly but daring competition, challenging each other to be better than they were yesterday, the opportunities and possibilities that arise are endless and abundant!

The Effortless Alpha brotherhood is designed to be a training facility for men to shed the shackles of their comfortable routines and unleash their passions to the world while growing their Integrity by leaps and bounds.

Our Mission:

To inspire, and create space for, men to access their own potential through the bond of brotherhood where no man feels alone.

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All of us at Effortless Alpha have jumped into our fears, extended our limitations…and broken through!

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We will be here to encourage you 100% of the way to fulfilling whatever it is that you want.
We have been in your place, we know how to get out of it.
It won’t be easy; it won’t be smooth; but DAMN will it be worth it!

Get access to Master classes, group coaching, one-on-one transformational coaching, mentorship and, most importantly, your inner drive.

Do it today! Email kscott@effortlessalpha.com to see if this is the right fit for you.

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Randall Willis

“I recently began working with Kevin Scott on the Effortless Alpha Protocol and have already started to notice changes in my life. The program has helped me better understand the habits that are moving me forward in life, as well as those that are holding me back. But beyond awareness and understanding, the program has also given me the tools to strive for more, whether in expanding my passions or enhancing my sense of personal freedom. For his part, Kevin is a wonderful mentor, providing a nurturing, supportive environment while also maintaining laser focus on what I can take from and how I exercise each of the lessons. Although each of the lessons represents a component of a larger process, Kevin ensures that each step is contextualized to me by engaging me rather than teaching me. His focus is completely on me, what I say and just as importantly, how I say it, which allows him to guide me precisely along my path while also giving me room to explore. I greatly look forward to the subsequent lessons of the Effortless Alpha Protocol, and even more so, to adapting and evolving both them and me to maximize my freedom.”

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Andrew Adler

“I have to say that Kevin has done an exceptional job creating the Effortless Alpha program. He has created an opportunity by which your average guy who has the desire to achieve their dreams and goals can do so with a strong support system. Whether you just want to dip your toe in and utilize a social forum and link up with others who will always lend support and positive and constructive feedback to your endevours, or if you want to link up with Kevin for some personal one-on-one guidance and connect to a group of the more ambitious gents, you can plug in and get on the spot feedback from people in different fields and different places in their lives all lending a helping hand to your personal growth.It is also a great feeling to be able to lend your own experience and feedback to others and help them on their journey. I absolutely love the program and have found it to be very helpful in my life and has helped me both with growing my business and managing my personal life too. Kevin is excellent as a coach and has helped to steer me towards what is actually important to me and has helped me implement real world practical exercises to face the obstacles personally and professionally that come my way.I love that he has also connected us with some very successful people from various fields to learn from their experience in his “Tales From the Other Side of Freedom”. It is one thing to read a book or listen to an audio file of someone who is giving advice but it is another experience all together to have a live coach and to tailor that advice and feedback to your situation personally.I think Effortless Alphas is something any guy who wants to be something more would find to be a wealthspring of help.”

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